Aug 5, 2022

Tab Groups

  • Tab Groups provide a handy way to easily save and manage related tabs!

    • Tab Groups aims to organize and preserve your browser tabs to make them easier to manage.
    • Automatic Tab Grouping

        • Automatic tab grouping is enabled by default, if you wish to disable it:
          • 1. Go to your settings by clicking on "beam" at the top left near the Apple menu,
          • 2. Click on "Preferences" and choose "Browser",
          • 3. Uncheck "Group tabs automatically".
    • Tab Grouping

      • If you're planning a trip for example, you can save all your tabs in a "Holidays" group, so you can access them later and leave your device free for other content when you're not actively planning.
      • To create a manual Tab Group:
        • 1. Right click on a tab,
        • 2. Click on "Create Tag Group",
        • 3. Add more tabs to the group by right clicking other tabs and selecting the "Add to Group" option. You can also drag & drop other tabs to this group.
        • 4. Right click on the tab group capsule to rename, change the color and save the group to a note.
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